Summer Science Sleuths will not be accepting new applications

for the 2014-2015 session.

he 2014 application is open to any current 7th or 8th grader who is a US Citizen, regardless of race, creed, socioeconomic background or cultural heritage. Applicants must be able to participate in the entire camp session from June 15-28, 2013. Those who would need to leave camp before June 28 should not apply. Note: due to travel scheduling, campers from the West Coast will travel on Saturday, June 14.

Applicants must be in good health. Each camper must be able to participate in outdoor summer recreational and athletic activities.  Campers who can not participate 100% will be sent home.

There are three (3) parts to the application process.  The Parent Application will be completed by a parent or guardian, the Camper Survey will be completed by the camper without parental help, and the Teacher Nomination will be submitted by a teacher that knows the camper well. 

A teacher, a parent  or a student may initiate the application process.

Note to teachers: Teachers should feel free to nominate a student, even if they have not yet received a parental request to do so. In this case, we will follow up with the parent to request the submission of a Parent Application and Camper Survey to complete the application.

Note to parents: Before you begin the Parent Application, please have the name and email address of the teacher who will submit the Teacher Nomination. When the Parent Application is submitted, the teacher will automatically receive an email with a link to the Teacher Nomination form. Please follow-up with the teacher to make sure that s/he can access the form. A teacher may nominate a student for camp prior to the completion of the Parent Application or Camper Survey.

Note to students: When you submit the online Camper Survey, please be very honest and realistic with your answers. The Camper Survey is not a test. The information from the Camper Survey helps us tailor the camp activities to the campers' interests and abilities. Once the Camper Survey is submitted, your parent will receive an email reminding them to complete the Parent Application, which will trigger a request for the Teacher Nomination.

Only applications that are completed online will be considered. DO NOT print the application and mail it to us.

Links to application forms:
Parent Application should be completed by a parent/guardian. It is due February 5, 2014 for returning campers and February 25, 2014 for new applicants.
Camper Survey should be completed by the student without parental help. It is due February 5, 2014 for returning campers and February 25, 2013 for new applicants.
Teacher Nomination should be completed by a teacher who knows the camper well. It is due February 25, 2014.

Summer Science Sleuths at Duke is intended to be a 3-year experience. Students who attended Summer Science Sleuths at Duke in 2013 (and are currently in 8th or 9th grade) need to reapply for the 2014 camp by December 5, 2013. 

Only students who are currently in 7th or 8th grades may apply as new campers, as follows:

Current 7th graders: The 7th grade level is filled with twenty (20) first-year campers. 

Current 8th graders: 8th graders who participated in the 2013 Summer Science Sleuths at Duke may receive an invitation to apply to return to camp for a second year. Accepted, returning campers receive priority over new 8th grade applicants. Once spaces have been allocated for returning 8th grade campers, the remaining openings will be filled with new applicants who are currently in the 8th grade.

Current 9th graders: We only accept applications from returning 9th grade campers who attended Summer Science Sleuths at Duke in their 7th and 8th grade years. Vacancies left by non-returning campers at the 9th grade level are NOT filled with new applicants. 

Dates to remember:
December 5, 2013: Deadline for returning 8th and 9th grade campers to apply.

December 10, 2013: Acceptances for returning campers go out.

December 15, 2013: Camp Agreements are due from returning campers.

January 5, 2014: Application period opens.

February 25, 2014: Application period closes for new applicants. Camper Survey, Camp Application and Teacher Nomination are due.

March 15, 2014: Travel arrangements for returning campers must be complete. See the Coming and Going page for contact information.

March 30, 2014: Applicants are notified by email of selection status. Information about pre-camp forms will be provided.

April 5, 2014: Camp Agreements are due from new campers.

April 30, 2014: Pre-camp forms due. See the Forms and Lists page for links to all of the forms.

May 1, 2014: Travel arrangements for new campers must be complete. See the Coming and Going page for contact information.

April 30, 2014: Pre-camp forms due. See the Forms and Lists page for links to all of the forms.

June 14, 2014: Campers from the West Coast arrive at the dorm.

June 15, 2014: Campers arrive at the dorm.

June 28, 2014: End of camp. Campers move out of the dorm. 8th and 9th grade campers depart at 8:30 AM. 10th grade closing begins at 10:00, with departure at 11:00.